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EX1051 School Set Upgraded

230,00 €

Optimist UPGRADED school mast set Optiparts

The Optimist UPGRADED school mast set contains:
•    EX1011 – Optimist UPGRADED school...

OPTIMAX MK3 27 mm Πίκι

95,00 €

An allround sprit which can be used with all masts and booms.

The MK3 27 mm sprit for the Optimist is suitable for sailors from 35 to 45...

  • Μειωμένη τιμή
  • Νέο

Optiparts Blackmax boom 55 mm

125,00 € 195,00 €

Η Blackmax Optimist μάτσα διαμέτρου 55 mm είναι πολύ άκαμπτη και ταυτόχρονα ελαφριά και χωρίς τρίγωνο, κατάλληλη για ψιλά παιδιά που...