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759 Midweight Socks

18,00 €

Gill’s Mid-Weight Socks do much more than keep your feet warm.

Woven with Coolmax ® fibres, they wick away moisture to ensure your feet...

761 Boot Socks

22,00 €

Elongated for wear with boots, with the extra warmth of a rich wool blend, these Boot Socks are ideal for occasions when you expect to tackle...

W013 Race Watch

95,00 €

This sailing-specific Race Watch is made to withstand whatever the weather.

The sporty, bold design is eye-catching and we’ve built in...

4517 Neoprene Socks

30,00 €

Designed to be worn either alone or over latex socks for an additional layer of protection against water and cold weather, the Gill socks for...

4525 Neoskin Sock

30,00 €

Our most lightweight, closest fitting socks, the Neoskin Socks are designed to keep your feet insulated when out on the water.

The 0.5mm...

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1495 Men's Knit Fleece Gloves

18,75 € 25,00 € -25%

Densely knit fleece gloves help to provide heat to the hands in colder months.

Always looking to create the best clothing for sailing, we...

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1497 Knit Fleece Hat

16,50 € 22,00 € -25%

Your head is the part of your body which loses the most heat, making it an essential part to cover in the winter months.

Our knit fleece...