EX13761 Σύστημα Σκότας Αγωνιστικό

191,20 €
με ΦΠΑ

PRO RACING Optimist mainsheet system

Complete Optimist mainsheet system for pro racing Optimist.
•    1 x double tapered mainsheet (EX1379)
•    1 x 57mm Harken ratchet block with 2-way link (EX1296)
•    1 x 40mm Harken single carbo block (EX1308)
•    1 x 40mm Harken single carbo block with snap shackle and spliced Vectran (EX1314)
•    1 x 4mm plate shackle (EX1301)
•    1 x spring (EX1304)


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