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Optimist DSK foils set


Τα καρενοτίμονα DSK συνοδεύονται με λαγουδέρα και προέκταση OPTIPARTS EX1125 και βελόνια τιμονιού OPTIPARTS.

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EX975 BLACKGOLD Set Complete

€440.00 €490.00

Optimist BLACKGOLD MEDIUM mast set Optiparts

The perfect choice for the Optimist. The Blackgold medium spar set contains:

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4803J Junior Pro Drysuit

€395.30 €590.00 -33%

Designed to withstand the most extreme weather conditions on the water, the Gill pro drysuit for kids has been made...

EX2660 Pyramid racing mark


Inflatable pyramid racing mark which can be used to mark races and regattas.

Constructed from high quality 0,9 mm thick durable PVC...