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7052 Deckhand Gloves Long Fing

€27.20 €32.00 -15%

The fit of your sailing gloves is paramount to your performance on the water. So we’ve created this long finger version of our Deckhand Gloves...

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7252 Championship Gloves...

€34.00 €40.00 -15%

These popular Championship sailing gloves have had a few improvements this season.

The look of them is sleeker and the grip on the palm...

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7262 Women's Championship...

€34.00 €40.00 -15%

Women's Championship Gloves - Long Finger

Men’s and women’s hands are very different, which is why we created these full finger...

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7452 Pro Gloves Long Fingers

€51.00 €60.00 -15%

The full finger version of our Pro Gloves, updated this season with the latest Proton-Ultra XD fabric on the palms and fingers, making them our...

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7672 Neoprene Winter Gloves

€55.25 €65.00 -15%

Grip, dexterity and durability are the most important things when choosing sailing gloves and these Neoprene Winter Gloves deliver on all three...

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7775 Three Seasons Gloves

€42.50 €50.00 -15%

The 3 Season sailing gloves are designed to feel as if you are hardly wearing them.

The stretchy, soft neoprene is lightweight and warm...

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7804 Helmsman Gloves

€59.50 €70.00 -15%

Gill is the leading name in sailing gloves, relied upon for their quality construction, durability and comfort. And these Helmsman Gloves are a...

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7600 Grip Gloves

€8.50 €10.00 -15%

Our simplest sailing gloves, designed to be worn and replaced regularly.

The latex palm and fingers offer great grip and durability.