Όλος; ο απαραίτητος ρουχισμός και αξεσουάρ για τον ιστιοπλόο των κατηγοριών Laser, 420, 470 και Catamaran.

SailingShop-Ρούχα Gill αγωνιστικής ιστιοπλοΐας-Σκάφη Laser, 420, 470


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Ενεργά φίλτρα

904 Competition Boot

80,00 €

A Gill design classic is reborn. Combining excellent support with reliable waterproof protection from the elements...

7600 Grip Gloves

10,00 €

Our simplest sailing gloves, designed to be worn and replaced regularly.

The latex palm and fingers offer great grip and durability.


4517 Neoprene Socks

30,00 €

Designed to be worn either alone or over latex socks for an additional layer of protection against water and cold weather, the Gill socks for...